Doesn't work!

How much does that suck????!!!???? Now I have to get myself a new camera! I hate that! BUT.... I get a new and better camera! I guess it's bad and good lol! Then later I can get this one fixed and just have myself a backup camera... Now I'm trying to comparison shop and see what would be the better deal and cheaper. Have any ideas let me know. I want to get a Nikon D40 or Nikon D40x. Which ever is the better deal and under $600. I'm saving for a house and Car insurance is coming up so I want it to be cheap. For now enjoy some of my pictures.....

New Battery

So Saturday night my camera just quit working.  I have a Nikon D70 and well all of a sudden I get a +2 and some other symbols pop up and I turned it off and on and they stayed.  So being the one I am I just take the battery out.  Well that takes it off, but when I put it back in it wouldn't cut on anymore.  I checked the Nikon website and well they have a battery recall for like from forever ago and well my battery's number just so happened to be one of the numbers on the list.  So I have ordered me a new replacement battery for free.  I just got this battery today.  If this doesn't work I might just buy myself the new Nikon D40.  So hopefully it does work and I can just get a new camera later.  I broke the camera! lol!  Oh well it happens what are you to do.  

Dog Fights

These dogs in this house are crazy! lol! They wrestle all the time! Here are some pictures of Gidget and Goldie playing around acting crazy....


It's been two days since Lady has left us and gone to the Smokey Mountain Bulldog Club Rescue. She was a great Bulldog and we all loved her very much. She just had a rough life growing up. This made her very scared and aggressive with our other dogs. Hopefully she will get her a great home and the love and attention that she deserves.

Here is a little dedication to LADY:

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