New Battery

So Saturday night my camera just quit working.  I have a Nikon D70 and well all of a sudden I get a +2 and some other symbols pop up and I turned it off and on and they stayed.  So being the one I am I just take the battery out.  Well that takes it off, but when I put it back in it wouldn't cut on anymore.  I checked the Nikon website and well they have a battery recall for like from forever ago and well my battery's number just so happened to be one of the numbers on the list.  So I have ordered me a new replacement battery for free.  I just got this battery today.  If this doesn't work I might just buy myself the new Nikon D40.  So hopefully it does work and I can just get a new camera later.  I broke the camera! lol!  Oh well it happens what are you to do.  

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