New house....

No I haven't bought a new house, but I am saving to buy myself a house.  It's very exciting to know that I have made the decision to buy a home instead of renting something.  I thought about renting a house, duplex or apartment forever, but I have weighed the options and well buying is the best way to go.  Especially with the market the way that it is the houses are cheaper and practically all foreclosures.  I want to get myself a house that's about $50,000 or less preferably in Georgia.  I want at least two bedrooms and if I can I want a fenced in yard for Gidget and hardwood floors for my allergies.  Mom has already had me starting a "hope chest" and I've got tons of stuff for a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.  Now got to work on the living room and yadda yadda...  Here are some of the things that I have bought so far!  

Just a cute candle that my aunt debbie and uncle tom bought for me....

Some Dish rags for the kitchen

Pink plates for the kitchen

flatware pizza cutter, ice cream scoop and some brushes for dishes

more pink stuff for the kitchen

A kitchen tool set

awesome pink bowls and strainer

pink pan yay!


love this

dusters and such

pot set

more pink stuff for the kitchen

the picture i love

stuff for the bathroom

The best towels and wash rags

my desk

drawer liners

awesome picture frame

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