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We have three dogs Goldie, Gidget, and Georgia.... Goldie is the mommy and Gidget is the best friend. Georgia adores Goldie and tries her darndest to get her to play with her... Goldie doesn't want to give in just yet. She wants to boss her around and make her mind. Which is completly opposit of Gidget. Gidget loves to wrestle with her and Georgia loves to beat her up haha...

This photo is one of my favorites. It shows how eager Georgia is to get Goldie to play with her and how much she follows her and respects her. What you don't see is Goldie has a stick in her mouth and just mintues before was snarling and growling at her. Goldie don't really like to share... Such a bad habit lol!!! Although Gidget forces goldie to share lol!

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