The Little Pink Card

I just came across this cute little card! It's a must have for you girls out there who's boyfriend, fiance, or husband just never knows what you get you... I'm sure your man would totally love to have this.... They need all the help they can get. Plus now they won't have an excuse to forget those special dates...

Sabrina and Kenny Session

This Sunday we did a last minute shoot with my friend Sabrina and her Boyfriend Kenny... We ended up going at the worst time for lighting... but by the end of the day it was soo much better....

About MGD Photos

Hello everyone.... Well today I wanted to showcase a friend and fellow photographer newbie.... Maria of MGD Photos.... I edited a couple of her photographs and thought I would share. She is available to take your photographs... She is looking for some practice so if interested let me know or check out her blog at Enjoy everyone! These are my faves!

Weightloss Progress

Just a before and after face shot. No full body photos till I say so lol! it's a suprise!

Jackie and Candy's wedding

Here is another sneak peak into some of the photos from Jackie and Candy's wedding. To see more photos check out
These are in no particular order although they should be lol! I am in the process of re-doing my blog in the days to come so keep checking back....

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