My Self Portrait | CHATTANOOGA PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY is holding a really cool contest based on the About Me Self Portrait. Many of you guys probably don't know that I learned most of what I know with light and posing by doing self portraits. I was my only subject for awhile. I really really recommend it really. It helps tremendously. I do believe it is a huge deal to have a picture of yourself on your site. I believe it helps to draw the clients in and helps them feel more comfortable with you.

Now how about a little bit more about me.  The name Bridget means "The Exalted One" or "Strong"  and that's right I am all of the above haha!  Many people call me Gidget or Goldy.  How did I get my name?  Well that's a long story, so to make a long story short...  My dad wanted to name me after the Golden Gate Bridge and my mother wasn't having that lol!  So that is where the name Bridget Gates comes from.  That is also where my portrait photography company name comes from.  Photography is my life it's just that simple.  I have been photographing since I was little when I had my first camera that was a little Barbie camera.  Did I mention I love BARBIE and the color PINK?  Although at that time all I did was cut the heads off of everyone.  Quite a funny collection of photos!  I have not taken any classes in photography as I actually have a webdesign degree. lol!  I'm a fully self taught photographer and my main subject was myself!  I was THE best subject ever!  Of course!  I have the most beautiful Doggy ever named Gidget!  Haha ok yeah I am a little self adsorbed but I couldn't resist naming her that cause she just looked like a Gidget.  My photography style is young, fresh and modern.  I love natural light photography and slowly moving into a more studio feel.  Watch out!  I'm going to be unstoppable lol!  I love to bring the feel of magazine editorial poses to my photography and make you guys look fantabulous!  Because well you are!

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