Guess what??? The semi-Finalists for the contest for Chattanooga's most charming child are in. That means it's time to vote. If you don't mind take a few minutes to look through the children and choose who you think should win and vote. It won't take long and will make some everyone evolved day! free polls
Whom do you think is Chattanooga's Most Charming Child?
Preston Jewel Kynsie Landon Knox   


This is Preston  AKA  Prestino lol. He is a baseball freak and  is photogenic.  I took the  pictures at different parks  and they turned out  great with my point and shooter.


This is my Jewel, appropriately named by her older brother.  She is a sweet spirit with a kind heart and is a constant joy.  Like most nine year olds, she is full of activity and movement but as I have seen from watching silently nearby, she stops to contemplate or appreciate nature around her.  From animal friends, pretty flower formations, or just watching the sky - Jewel often takes a moment and I have been lucky enough to capture a few.  I would love to see Jewel through your eyes.  


My daughter is Kynsie Marie King. She is 5 months old and lights up my husband and my life so much. She is so cute and charming. She loves attention but can be shy at the same time. She can win the heart of anybody by just being herself. She gets excited over the smallest things and it is so funny! My child deserves to win your contest for many reasons such as: she is a beautiful baby with a timeless look, she is a happy girl who loves to smile, she wants to have a photoshoot with a professional photographer because she has not got to do that yet! Please pick Kynsie for the winner of your contest and you will not be let down! Her name is Kynsie because it means Kings victory and that is exactly what she is!!!!


This is Landon and he is full of personality and spunk!


I think Knox is Chattanooga's MOST charming baby BECAUSE:     :)
- He says "Gank goo" (thank you) and he's only ONE
- Anytime we lay down for a nap, or just cuddle, he has to lay his arm under my a heroic little man
- When he sees his Daddy walking up the driveway after coming home from work he yells "DADDAAAY!" and his whole body jolts with excitement
- He loves everyone! He wants to show everyone all the wonderful things he has discovered by pointing it out. He points at everything, including that awesome wall.
- See or hearing a dog makes him squeal and he says "DOG!" and points...and barks...with his mouth closed LOL

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