Hey Guys!!!  For those of you guys that have been blog stalking me you may notice something different!  I have redesigned my site!  How do you like it?  I love it!  Yes I designed it myself...  I college degree does state that I am a Web Designer lol!  So I put some of that to use and decided to go through and revamp the site with countless hours of doing it myself.  I am thinking now of creating a few different templates for you photographers out there and selling them.  If you would be interested let me know.  I would love the feedback.  This is just the first of all the new and exciting things to come for Goldygates Photography.  We are going to be offering loads of products for photographers blogs, Photoshop actions, lightroom presets, twitter backgrounds, templates and more.  We won't be leaving out the non photographers either you will get fun stuff too!  Since a blog post isn't the same without a picture.  Enjoy one of my favorite babies in the world.  My business partners daughter Aliah....

testing out the blockquote yeah!

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