I want to introduce you to the adorable Sammer Family!  They were loads of fun!  I think I bonded a little bit with little Fiona...  Took her just a few mins to warm up to me, but after that we were getting awesome photos, playing peek-a-boo with her hat and giving high fives.  Little Luke's first birthday was actually the day of our session and boy was he on the run.  I think he was on the move cause he is just beginning walking and he didn't want to be still for nothing lol!  I think Fiona is a top contender for most photogenic/stylish/cutest girl I've shot so far!  I mean look at that gorgeous blonde curly hair! And for those of you who think Mom looks familar that is because her sister Keely recommend her to me.  You can see the Tary Family photos by clicking  here 

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