Well this weeks theme was cell phone.  This is a self portrait of myself.  I love the cool looking sun flare I ended up with.  It's kinda spiffy or well a lot spiffy lol!

For you photographers that stop by glad your here.  I have loads of freebies and tips on the blog check it out.

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Sara said...

Ooh, love that sunray effect!

Creative Escapes said...

Very cool shot!

Mama Bee Does said...

Visiting from iheartfaces. Nice shot, I like it.

Bre said...

Good Job! I love it!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! I love the composition :)

Unknown said...

love the colors! The comp is great. HEY! You should enter "The Big I Love You Giveaway" at and by doing so help me win a scholarship! We have tons of great prizes I think you'll really enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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AB78 said...


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