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I always get tons of questions from clients on how do you want me to pose, what do I need to wear, etc.  It's time to focus on the clients and how you guys can help when it comes to your photo shoot.  This is good for you photographers to tell your clients as well.


  • This may be only my opinion and I know tons of you guys love to wear matchy matchy clothes as a family, but mix it up a little.  While I do love the crisp looks of the popular khaki pants and a white t-shirt or the black shirt and jeans why not save that for maybe one or two classic family photos then mix it up?  I mean it's great, but can start to look really stiff and boring for the whole shoot.  I know some of you out there are going BOGUS, but that's just my opinion.
  • I like to say for family shoots keep it comfortable for every member.  If you have your husband wearing a shirt and tie and he just don't where it often and it's uncomfortable it will show. Of course you want to look nicer than maybe your everyday clothing, just keep it comfortable so you will feel your best during the shoot. 
  • Back to my first point about matching keep the color scheme similar the style similar, but let the individual personalities shine through and make sure no logo's unless they are purposeful.  You don't want the focus to go straight to the logo and not your pretty face.  
  • Try and keep the clothing less trendy for family sessions.  Well I mean trendy is good if you pull it off right.  Why not one trendy piece and other staple pieces that are classic?
  • If you are worried about looking "FAT" then the less skin that is exposed the slimmer you look lol!  
  • If you have a very large family keep the patterns to a minimum.  Have one or two in a pattern and mix it with variations of the color scheme with solids.  
  • Keep your shoes in mind for the outfit and make sure they work well.
  • The ultimate rule is darker colors are more slenderizing of course!!!

How to pose and feel at ease in front of the camera

  • Let's start out with the dreaded double chin!  OK let me just say EVERYONE even skinny minnies have double chins if they don't pose correctly or have photos taken at a horrid angle.  The best way I like to prevent this is what I call the turtle neck.  LOL!  Yes I actually tell my clients to do the turtle neck.  Basically if you have your chin drawn into your neck that's unattractive!  So for the turtle neck you basically lift your chin slightly and take your head and stick it out.  This stretches out the skin under your chin.  I'm not talking crazy looking turtle neck.  Just enough to avoid the annoying double chin.
  • The photographer should always know that the angle will always make a difference.  To keep it easy for the non photographers to understand tilting the lens towards the ground makes you appear slimmer and having it angled up you will look larger.  This is due to lens distortion.
  • To help look skinnier also make sure to turn your body to the side slightly at a 3/4 angle while twisting your upper torso back to the camera.  Point your toe to the camera on your front leg and put your weight on the back leg.
  • Keep your fingers slightly bent as to keep from looking too stiff.
  • Keep your palms away from the camera keep them to your body.
  • Keep your shoulders back and chest out slightly to keep from looking frumpy. 
  • If you are sitting down on a chair or something similar I suggest that you sit more on the edge and not fully in the chair.  This will help you keep your posture good and also make you look thinner.
  • If you hear the shutter switch up your pose just a tad.  Do a simple movement maybe do a shot smiling then when the shutter goes off do one not smiling and so on.
  • Keep the cheese smile to a minimum I like to do the fake laugh cause you will feel silly and you will have a natural smile.
  • Run your hand through your hair or play with your hair.  It helps add movement to your photo.
  • Turn your back to the camera and look back over your shoulder.  Helps to look slender and sassy at the same time.
  • Especially for guys if you have pockets you can stick your hands in your pocket just enough to where your thumb touches the rim of the pockets.  This goes for females too!
Hopefully some of these tips will help you out for your next session being that you are a client or a photographer.

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PrestonsVintage said...

Great tips Im always takeing pics of my boys! I like to consider myself a bit of a amature. I was thriled when you picked my photo last year for Chattanooga's most charming kid :)

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