This is Jewel and she was the winner of the 2011 Chattanooga's Most Charming Child contest that me and Sabrina came up with. She is the cutest little girl! She made me laugh the whole time. She was a little bit shy at the beginning, but as you can see she warmed up quick. She had all these crazy ideas and poses that worked great. She's a climber she climbed trees, rocks, rails and even a statue lol! And always felt accomplished with the outcome that she did her signature yeah pose every time lol! So cute! Hope you enjoy them.

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ImVictoriasMom said...

She's an absolute charmer. The camera loves her. You really caught the peaceful yet darling qualities of her sweet personality. Beautiful!

Nensy Miller said...

Black and white photos are really cool. I'd also add some hdr. You can have a look at my favorite photoshop plugins.

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