Everyone meet Sania!  She is an aspiring photographer and a great one at that!  Sania found me and asked me to be her senior project expert and I'm so glad I said yes.  She has inspired me to great lengths.  Not only is she an awesome photographer she is a awesome model as you can see...  She told me she wanted to wear this quirky disney minni-mouse inspired outfit and I was so excited.  She said that she got the cute yellow shoes at Rugged Warehouse for like $3 give or take and she knew they would come in handy for something.  They are totally minnie mouse shoes don't you think.  She rocked this shoot like no other and this was my favorite session I've done to date!  I can't wait for her to get her last two looks together and we can do it all over!  Now I would like for you guys to check out her work since I think she's amazing and deserves to be recognized!

Sania Senor from bridget gates on Vimeo.

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