Sorry guys for the delay in announcing the winner.  Due to all the Tornado storms that happened it's been one heck of a week.  I finally got my cable back yesterday and I am trying to get everything caught up.  Congratulations Meredith please message me on Facebook or email me at for more info on how to claim your prizes.  Some of the vendors were also in the area of the tornadoes like me.  Thank goodness that I only got an ef-1 tornado which didn't damage my home, but I am very sad for the places with large tornadoes within 10-30 mins all around me.  This is a difficult time, and I hope you all were safe.

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the vendors who have donated their AWESOME products for the contest!

My regular posts will now be taking place if not next week the week after.  I am a little behind on my work, but I will get caught up quickly.  So keep looking out for tuesday's tips and Freebie Fridays!

Take Care everyone.

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I love photographing dogs they are so fun!  This is Georgia and she is a diva.  Can't you tell?  She works it for the camera.  Some days she loves me and other days i'm not so sure lol!  I think today she will love me.  We shall see.

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This girl is one of the fumiest girls ever!  Her session was a blast after she loosened up and she had me running around like crazy.  It was a VERY stormy day and we were rushing to get the session done before the rain so the wind was extra crazy!  She kind of reminds me of Pocahontas with that long black hair.  Beautiful!

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YAY contest time!!!!  I decided to set up a contest for you guys as I have officially reached over 1000 fans on Facebook!  That is so cool!  I wanted to do something a little different from the free photo shoot and make it where both photographers and clients can win.  I have rounded up prizes from local vendors as well as vendors across the US and I think they are all AWESOME!!!  Guess What?  ONE lucky winner will receive everything below!!!  YES EVERYTHING!!!!

Contest Starts: April 11th
Contest Ends: April 18th
Winner will be announced: April 20th

The Rules
In order to be entered in the contest you must do the following:
  • You must like my Facebook page at
  • All of the vendors who have a Facebook page you must follow their link and like their page or join their group. (leave a comment and let them know I sent you they would love it!  I will be checking to make sure you did this!)
  • If the vendor does not have a Facebook page, but has an etsy store or a online store visit that store and tell me one item that you LOVE out of the store and hey HEART their store if you have an account. (If you have time and they have both a Facebook and etsy store it would be great for you to HEART their store as well)
  • After you have completed all of the above come back here and comment on this post with your name,  facebook page, and etsy profile (if you have one) stating that you have done all of the above.  This will give you one entry into the contest.  I will check that the winner has completed these tasks and if you have I will pick another one.                                                                                                                                                  

I know it sounds like a lot to do, but really it's not just click the link, like and BAM your in!  

Extra Entries 
( you may only get these entries if you have liked all of their pages already.)
Do you want extra chances to win these awesome prizes?
  • Share this contest on your facebook page
  • Share this contest on twitter
  • Share about the contest on a forum (make sure you follow their rules)
  • Create a blog post about this contest
  • Post a link to the contest on twitter
  • Post a link to your favorite vendor on either your facebook, twitter, blog, or anywhere else.
Once you have complete the task above create a separate comment on this post for each thing you did with a link to the place you shared it on. You have the chance to have 7 total entries!!!

Now I know some of these things one winner might not want or need.  So when I send you the email stating that you have one I will ask you if you would like all of the prizes.  If there is something you don't want or need I will redraw and give to another lucky winner.

The winner will be drawn with to make it fair and that means any and everyone has the chance to win this contest!!!!


This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook . Facebook is released from any and all liability as a result of the giveaway . Items cannot be exchanged for cash value.   
Danbury Lane
Danbury Lane is offering your choice of tutu up to a size 5t
Mini BonBon Tutu and Headband Set,  Infant size up to 2 years, Princess Portrait Birthday Gift Party Dress Up Gift Easter
Little Lola LadyBug Tutu, Infant Size up to 2 years, Photo Props, Birthday Party Portraits and Dress Up

K & J Bell Designs
Jennifer is offering these earrings below

Maria Gomez MGD Photography
Maria is offering a Camera Strap cover like the two below.  They just easily slip over your existing camera strap to spice it up a little.

Starlit Nest Gifts & Photo Props

Starlit Nest is giving away a $15 gift certificate to the winner
Custom Set of 2 Banners, Discounted Price. Personalization Available for the Perfect Wedding Decoration...

Mad About Colour
Mad About Colour is giving away one of their colorful woodland elf hats in her choice of color.  The picture of the orange and blue hat below are examples.
WOODLAND ELF Newborn Baby Hat - Great Photo Prop - Garden Pixie Fairy Tuque - Pick your color - boy girl unigender - Custom Knit to order  - ORIGINAL DESIGNER
Original Designer Funky  - One TICKLES Rainbow Munchkin Hat - Newborn Baby Stocking Cap - Multicolor PROP - OOAK -  Custom knit to Order - Fuzzy Furry Brim - Rainbow Wide Stripes - Funky Fat Multi Fiber Tassle - Pick Your Own Colors - Create Your Theme

Harts & Roses
NEW-The Just Vintage Collection-Triple Coral Fabric Flower on a Soft Stretch Headband-Photo Prop-Any Size

Pumpkin and Butterfly
Pumpkin and Butterfly is going to give away a $25 gift certificate.  This will cover you the print of your choice plus shipping.
Children's Art Print Poster, Yellow, Mustache, Silhouette, Modern, Dude, Little Man, Funny, Incognito, 11x14 Someday I'll Grow a Mustache by pumpkinandbutterfly on Etsy

Woopsy Daisy
Woopsy Daisy is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her etsy store.
Sadie Skirt in Heather Bailey Nicey Jane
Light Green Polka Dot Ruffle Pasey Pantaloons

Chattanooga Tutu
Chattanooga Tutu is giving away the beautiful Purple Tutu below.  It is a Purple Silver bow tutu in a size 6.

Geneva Diva Designs

Geneva Diva Designs is offering a Newborn Gift Set like the ones below.  She is letting the winner choose the colors to be more specific to what you are looking for.  These are perfect if you are expecting or perfect to give as a gift at a baby shower!

Kristen Charles Photography

Kristen Charles Photography formerly Piperlee Photography has just began to great awesome acessories for photographers and more.  She would love for you to like her newest facebook page as she just now getting everything moved over.  She is offering the image below.

Specify in your original entry if you are a photographer and you will be entered to win a special photographer resource prize pack from me!  It will include things such as templates, actions, presets, and more!  These will not be any of the ones I have as freebies, but it will be ones that I will have for sale coming soon! 
examples of freebie's below:

To make it easier here are all the vendors with their facebooks and sites.

Danbury Lane: facebook | etsy store
K & J Bell Designswebsite
MGD Photography: facebook

Starlit Nest Gifts & Photo Propsfacebook | etsy store

Mad About Colour: etsy store
Harts & Roses: facebook | etsy store
Pumpkin and Butterfly: facebook | etsy store
Woopsy Daisyfacebook | etsy store
Chattanooga Tutu facebook

Geneva Diva Designs:  facebook | etsy store

Kristen Charles Photography: facebook

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Let me start off by saying that this was such a fun session.  These guys are so in love and so fun to be around. Listening to the story of  their engagement was beautiful.  I mean they were engaged on Valentine's Day in PARIS!  HELLO!!!!  Can you say ROMANTIC???  OK sorry reeling it back in...  The day was rainy and gloomy, but they didn't let it stop them from getting great photos.  I think they look absolutely radiant.  Doesn't Susan look gorgeous and glowy?  I can tell she's in love and the way Jon is with her I can tell he's madly in love as well.  Plus ummm those pups are the cutest and most adorable furbabies. (well besides mine lol)

Congratulations Susan and Jon      

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