Let me start off by saying that this was such a fun session.  These guys are so in love and so fun to be around. Listening to the story of  their engagement was beautiful.  I mean they were engaged on Valentine's Day in PARIS!  HELLO!!!!  Can you say ROMANTIC???  OK sorry reeling it back in...  The day was rainy and gloomy, but they didn't let it stop them from getting great photos.  I think they look absolutely radiant.  Doesn't Susan look gorgeous and glowy?  I can tell she's in love and the way Jon is with her I can tell he's madly in love as well.  Plus ummm those pups are the cutest and most adorable furbabies. (well besides mine lol)

Congratulations Susan and Jon      

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Carmen said...

I am loving all the poses on this post! Great ideas! <3

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