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So I live with my mother and this room happens to be my childhood room.  The thing about it is I can't really do much redecoration in it so I just kind of tried to make it more organized.  This room was first a carport then a garage then a den and when we moved in it became my room lol!  This would explane the brick wall with a mantel.  Basically it was for a wood burning stove.  I would have loved to paint it white actually, but that isn't going to be possible.  When I finally get out and get me a place of my own you bet I will have a AWESOMELY decorated home lol!!!!

If you would like to know where to get certain items let me know and if I can find them I will tell you.

Sorry the photo's aren't the best quality, but I have a super dark room and it was late at night, plus I just used my 18-55mm 3.5 lens since it is a wide angle.  

This is basically what I call my office wall lol!  
The dresser with the tv on it actually houses all my photo albums, dvds, pictures, laptop bags etc.  
This is the sleeping area lol!
This is the other side of the office area and a small portion is a nightstand lol!  Plus the carpet deal is just a long story!
That whole wall is my closet.  Basically awhile back in high school this walk in closet was a gift for my birthday lol!  The problem is I have WAY too much stuff and it's still over flowing argh!
So a closer look at my desk area.  This desk is horrible lol!  Well it's cute, but it's falling apart literally and I totally should have bought a glass top for it as you can see.  BOO!
Just trying out something different for the mantle with ribbon around the mantle and drawer sheets on the wall lol!  It's looked bare without the drawer sheets on the wall lol!  It's just temporary and then you see my camera collection and some of my favorite photos.
Below you can see my awesome pink file cabinet and my filing system.  Well my workflow really lol!  So far it's helping me a great deal and it's keeping me on track...  YEAH!

Below you can see my system a little better.  On the wall I have a system for the clients files.  So basically a section for new clients before the session, then a section for pending orders, then a completed section for me to file. On my Desk I keep folders for my in process client to-do lists and a folder for completed daily to-do lists.  Then basically folders for tax purposes go here for easy access. Then you see my receipt book and the next filing thing holds bills to be paid.
This is pretty cool because it holds all my little accessories that I need and it hangs on the wall.  
Below you see my folders basket that holds all my binders and also my sample books and bamboo pad.  Then the sorter holds all my contracts and other items. The drawers hold all my packaging supplies and frames.
The blue table basically has a bazillion tablets and sticky notes lol!!!  I had my mother spray paint the bulletin board and well that wasn't the right color pink I wanted but it was all they had at walmart lol!
Now you are getting a full look of the other side of my "office space".
Basically this is just two bookcases the left side has all my folders, print boxes, thank you cards, briefcases and laptop bags and bags that I use for props on shoots.   The other side has a container of ribbons, my camera bag, container to store cds and dvd's of sessions, a basket to hold all blank cds and dvds, the pink round box has loads of business cards from colleagues, then all kinds of cords and chargers are in the teal box, the whole bottom shelf holds all my workout gear.
The white thing was a shoe rack.  I still don't know what I want to do with it really.  But on top it has contracts to be entered into the system and receipt books.
The filing storage on the bottom holds papers that need to be shredded, the middle is for filing and the top is for my laptop lol.  The magazine holders basically hold all my wedding magazines and catalogs, the small little area with the clock is my night stand section lol!  Basically that pink picture thing is a charging station, but I just use it to hold my remotes it's perfect for that now I will never loose them lol!  YEAH RIGHT!
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