The Sammer family | Chattanooga family photographer

These guys are some of my favorite clients!  They are loads of fun and the kids have lots of spunk!  Not to mention how gorgeous they are.  We started off with a nice overcast and we thought it might not get too hot, but boy were we wrong lol!  The clouds cleared and the sun beamed.  We were all hot, sweaty and tired.  We did manage to get great shots and I am looking forward to the next shoot in cooler weather lol!!!

Check out their last session here...  They are getting so big!!!

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Georgia for "pet week" at I heart faces | Chattanooga Pet Photographer

This week is Pet Week at I Heart Faces and I had so many photos that I could of used of some of the cutest pets ever, but I think Georgia my English Bulldog is the one!  She's stylish, sophisticated, high class, and a major bully.  She always looks like she is going to beat someone up tehehehe!!!!  Except when I go to leave the house she loves to pounce me and she has a smile a mile wide.  I love this bully she's so cute and small. Ahh I love her! 

P.S. a few facts about Georgia...  Her dad is a part of UGA IV's bloodline from the Georgia Bulldogs.  We live in GA and our family is Georgia Bulldog fans.  This is how she got her name lol!!!

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William and Abby | Chattanooga Engagement Photographer

What do I love most about this couple???  Well their down to earth, fun, silly, totally in love personalities.  Bless them for dealing with the horrible heat and humidity.  Poor William isn't used to it quite yet and I'm not sure Abby is either.  These guys moved here from Wisconsin.  Poor guys lol!!!  Nah Chattanooga is a really beautiful area!  Check out the gorgeousness that is William and Abby... 

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