Very excited to show you these delicious cupcakes!  I actually won these cupcakes from Sweet Stuff Bakery.  She is awesome and super talented!  It couldn't have come at a better time.  My mother's birthday was September 23rd and I knew that they would be an awesome addition to her party.  I let her pick out her flavors and she chose to have Yellow cake strawberry filling with while chocolate icing.  I think our favorite part of the cupcakes were the strawberry icing.  My mother loves to have the icing on cakes with plain chips lol!  

Shannon is a great girl and very accommodating.  She even delivered them to me.  GREAT customer service!  I completely recommend her to everyone in the Chattanooga area!  Make sure you check out her facebook page and like it!  Sweet Stuff Bakery Make sure you stop by and give her some love and help spread the word!  Tell her Bridget sent you!!!

For inspiration, sometimes I think getting a culinary arts degree from Culinary Schools in Ohio would be a fun and delicious way enhance food photography.

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