So I'm sitting here trying to stay awake and work and I'm trying to find music to keep me awake lol!  It hit me I want to do a Music Monday post on my blog.  Maybe not every Monday, but Monday's I want to leave for Music.  Music another love of mine.  Every time I feel frustrated with music today I always go back to my old favorites.  Music I can listen to and never get bored.  Some music today completely bores me and it's weird for that to happen.  I listen to little bit of everything.  EVERY Genre I can find something I like.  I'm not a music snob.  I listen to everything at least once before I make my mind up on the song or album etc.

I got to thinking what are my top 10 favorite albums ever.  What are those albums that I could listen to over and over again no matter my age, time or place.  So I'm going to list them below with a video or maybe a playlist of that album.  Maybe you will find something that you love and have never heard of before!  Comment back with your favorite Albums I always love to find new music!  Enjoy and dance your bum off to my list!!!!

The list is in no particular order I couldn't bring myself to order them I love them all the same!  Plus I have one YouTube video with my favorite song off each album.

1. TLC- "Ooooooohhh...On the TLC Tip"
I have 2 of these cds and I think I've wore them both out I LOVE it even more than "Crazy Sexy Cool"

2. Michael Jackson- "Off the Wall"
Most people always say "Thriller" but come on that's following the crowd lol!  I genuinely thing this was his best album.  I don't know there is just something about it that really really makes me happy!  "On the floor" is my favorite song from this album HANDS DOWN.

3. Boys II Men- "II"
I love these guys.  I wore this cd out literally.  My cousin Kenny actually got me into them without knowing it lol!  I was so happy when he decided to get rid of all his cd's except his country cd's cause I got them all lol!  He decided all he liked anymore was country so that was a SCORE on my behalf!  lol!  LOVE these guys voices!  AHH!!!

4. *NSync -"*NSYNC"
OK I grew up in the 90's and yes I loved *NSync.  They were really the only boyband of that time that I liked.  I didn't really care for Backstreet Boys to be honest I felt they were for the boring people lol!  Like that older easy listening crowd hahaha!!! *NSync were more talented, full of energy and always made a cd and concert you couldn't get enough of.  I mean this EVERY one of their albums I can really listen to from beginning to end without skipping a song.

5. Janet Jackson-"Velvet Rope"
I will be the first to admit that this album was way to adult for me at the time, but I LOVED it.  The Velvet Rope tour was my fave concert ever and I know every routine and every dancer on that tour.  That was one thing that really fueled one of my other loves which was choreography/dancing...  I loved it and could have even wanted to go that route at that time.  Many people that know me know I LOVE the Jackson Family like all of them.  Janet was the one I loved the most with Michael right up there!  LOVE!!!!

6. Adele- "21"
I don't really have a lot to say about this album, but that it is hands down one of my favorite of the 2000's so far.  Many albums in the 2000's I get bored of, but this one is just pure bliss.  I mean every single song makes me feel something even the B-Sides.  Adele is soul and I love Soul music probably one of my all time fave genres!

7. Alicia Key's- "Songs in A Minor"
I will say that I had this cd and had it on repeat for days at a time.  I love it.  I am not as happy with her other albums as I am with this one.  She had something special with this one.  I think she kind of lost her luster after it.  I could listen to every one of the songs on this one, but only enjoy a few off the others.  She's amazing, but I just wish she would get back the spark she had with this album.

8. Hanson "Middle of Nowhere"
LOL some of you guys are thinking why the heck are you listing this album, but what can I say I'm a Hanson fan.  These guys are good and so underrated these days.  They still, put out amazing music.  A lot more different then MmmBop, but so good!  You may have only really heard of Mmmbop, but really that album was written by those guys when they weren't even teens yet a couple years before it was even put out.  Everyone just sees the whole teen pop sensation that was put on them, but just listen to it and look at it in a different light.  Actually listen to those lyrics on all the songs.  They were crazy deep for kids their age in all honesty and too talented for their own good.  Listen to their new stuff!  YES I do know all the lyrics to MmmBop and don't understand how anyone can get them all confused lol!

9.  Luther Vandross-"Never too much"
AHHH I love this man's voice.  I'm so sad he passed!  I can listen to his voice all day long and never get tired.  It literally gives me chills.  I love him!  He is my favorite singer ever for your info.  Listen to the album and the smoothness of this voice!  Just someone saying his name makes me smile.  Just fun, chill, groove music!

10. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "HomeBase"
This is another album that wore out.  I love this album from the start.  Will Smith is just awesome.  Will just has that swag that makes you love him.  I do love that he didn't have really be vulgar to make great hip hop music!  I mean he's got some of the best hip hop tracks out there.  I love party hip hop/comedic Hip Hop and a lot more of the old school hip hop.  This cd makes me want to get up and dance for a couple hours lol!  Who doesn't love Will?

Did you guys agree with my top 10 albums?  What are your top 10?  You can kind of get a feel of me when you listen to these.  I'm a believer that you can tell someones personality, by the music they listen to.  These albums all move me and all make me feel different emotions and some just make me plain want to dance.  

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