I'm super excited to share this with you guys.  I was contacted by Bags of love in London to pick out one of their many custom handmade products.  As I browsed their site I was amazed and the variety of items they have to choose from.  I decided I wanted to get a makeup bag.  I thought since this is a review for my seniors and fashionistas I would choose something that you guys might LOVE to have.  I got this bag and the moment I opened it I was thrilled with the quality.  The leather is sturdy and soft and the photo was vibrant on both sides.  I checked out all of the craftsmanship of the bag and all the stitching and piping was such quality. The one thing that I saw that really caught my eye was the little heart on the zipper pull.  What an adorable detail. I LOVE HEARTS!!!!

While showing this to my friends and family my aunt had a fun idea...  She thought that it would be so cute and fun for the seniors that wanted to have one of these to have their initials or even class year engraved on the little heart.  Wouldn't that be just fun?

The site has so many things to choose from key-chains to handbags.  I had a hard time trying to find what I wanted.  My mother was loving the key-chains.  I think she will be purchasing one with all her dogs on it.

Overall I think you guys would love this company.  Their products are full of quality and you will not be disappointed if you decided to purchase something.  All my fashionable seniors I can design you guys a custom bag just for you.  You don't have to have your photo on the bag we can even just do some kind of fun pattern.  I know I LOVE patterns and now that I think of it I probably would have LOVED doing that instead of a photo.  LOTS of opportunities to get creative!

Make sure you check out their site here!

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