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Meet Max...  He is a handsome little fella.  I would say he could have a career as a baby model.  He's got the look.  Max was a little cranky during his session.  He wouldn't take a nap before he came so he was just a wee bit tired.  However that doesn't take away from his silliness and adorableness.  I do LOVE challenges and he was such a fun one.  No worries parents even if your child is cranky for any reason I will ALWAYS find ways to get the shot.  

One fact about Max: He's not to fond of grass...

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I was so excited to be able to capture Michael and Nicole's wedding!  They were a super fun family!  I loved the red, gold and brown color scheme.  I felt like I was in an old hollywood movie lol!  So many fantastic vendors and such a lively crowd.  Just check out the fun dance shots!  

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