A few months back I was listening to Beyonce and one of my favorite songs of her played.  The name of that song was Pretty Hurts. Listening to the song gave me an idea for my Self Love project. Most of the people that I shoot are female. They are constantly criticizing themselves before, during and after their shoots.  I decided that I wanted to do a project where I can empower females to love themselves as they are whether they wear a gorgeous dress and makeup or just a random t-shirt and jeans. We don't need society to tell us how we should dress, look or act. You are all unique and your individuality makes you who you are.

With this project we focused on three aspects of ourselves as females. First off the way society wants to see us.  With our hair perfectly done, full face of makeup and dressed to the nines. Next I wanted to focus on stripping away all of that to get to the bare beauty. After we stripped away the fluff I focused on what makes each female special and gorgeous. 

First of we have Varinia she is a gorgeous lady with an amazing personality. What I loved most was her eagerness to be apart of this project. She like most of us battles self esteem issues daily and she wanted to face those fears. I asked her what was something that she struggled with on a daily basis and how she works to over come it. 

"I struggle with accepting aging and the changes it brings in my body and skin. I struggle with remaining authentic and healthy, true to my inner self, and remembering that aging with grace is about being in your skin and inhabiting yourself and loving yourself in that moment. I want to be a timeless beauty... That means I have to learn to accept that I am beautiful at every stage.  To not feed into the "Myths" that are hurtful to our body and spirit."-Varinia


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